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June 6, 2022

On June 6th, the Science of Birth Research Cluster (funded in the latest round of UBC's Grants for Clusters of Research Excellence) hosted our inaugural webinar on preconceptual health, which is one of the three themes identified as critical to developing preventive approaches and early strategies to avoid complications of labour and birth (themes: preconception health, physiology of labour, and digital education strategies).

Cluster leads, Professors, Dr. Wendy Norman, Department of Family Practice, Dr. Saras Vedam, Midwifery Program, and Dr. Patricia Janssen, School of Population and Public Health launched the Science of Birth research cluster at this event and two international leaders in pre-conceptual health (Dr. Kirsten Black and Dr. Danielle Schoenaker) gave invited talks.

Dr. Kirsten Black is an academic gynaecologist at the University of Sydney. She leads the Preconception Stream for a National Centre of Research Excellence in Australia. She is currently working with a European group to plan a large preconception health conference

Dr. Danielle Schoenaker is an epidemiologist in the School of Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education at the University of Southampton, UK. She is particularly passionate about the health and wellbeing of women and men leading up to pregnancy.

Download Dr. Schoenaker's slides here: Creating a national picture of preconception health to inform priorities & monitor impact of interventions and policies. 

The event was well-attended and sparked good discussion around the pre-conceptual factors that play a significant role in predisposing to caesarean birth.