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Dr. Emilie Salomons

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

OAK Integrative Health

Dr. Emilie Salomons is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, doula and acupuncture detoxification specialist, with over 16 years of clinical experience.

She is the co-president of the international Obstetrical Acupuncture Association and has also co-developed the first program in Canada for training midwives in obstetrical acupuncture for pain in labour. Emilie is a cluster lead for Maternal Infant Health Canada, a guest mentor in the MAMPS Program (Maternity Acupuncture Mentoring and Peer Support), and has provided acupuncture trainings and lectures in Canada, Mexico, Uganda, Nepal as well as virtually to global audiences. 

Dr. Emilie Salomons has a private practice at OAK Integrative in Burnaby, BC, with a clinical focus in reproductive health and mental wellness. She also provides acupuncture services at BC Women's Hospital (FIR).