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Preconceptual Health


Pre-conceptual factors play a significant role in predisposing to caesarean birth.  Obesity is associated with failure to initiate labour. In Canada, approximately 15% of women use alcohol or tobacco during pregnancy, which can damage the placenta and compromise the ability of the fetus to tolerate labour.  Pre-conception risk factors call for intervention in the public health arena, utilizing the expertise of exercise specialists, nutritionists, behavioural psychologists and other disciplines not commonly associated with maternity research.  This theme will conduct studies to study the impact of preconceptual population-based health promotion programs on pregnancy outcomes.

See our webinar and slides on Advancing the Science of Physiologic Birth - Cluster Launch here:

Theme Lead

Name Role and Department Affiliated Institution Email
Norman, Wendy Professor, Department of Family Practice, Associate Member, School of Population and Public Health, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology University of British Columbia

Theme Researchers

Name Role and Department Affiliated Institution Email
Adeniyi, Abiola Instructor, Faculty of Dentistry University of British Columbia
Bayrampour, Hamideh Assistant Professor, Midwifery Program, Department of Family Practice University of British Columbia
Janssen, Patti Professor, School of Population and Public Health University of British Columbia
Shroff, Farah Takemi Fellow in International Health Harvard School of Public Health
Wilson, Tara Clinical Exercise Physiologist Optimal Movement Kinesiology