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Dr. Vanora Hundley

Professor of Midwifery, Centre for Maternal and Perinatal Health

Bournemouth University

Vanora Hundley is Professor of Midwifery at Bournemouth University. She is an internationally recognised midwifery researcher, having written over 100 peer-reviewed research articles on pregnancy, maternity care and midwifery. She has led a range of studies in the reproductive health field both in the UK and internationally. She conducted one of the first randomised controlled trials of midwife-led care. More recent work has examined the role of labour practices and their impact on maternal and neonatal outcomes, both in low income and high income countries. She is a member of the International Early Labour Research Group.

Vanora has worked as a nurse and midwife in UK, Hungary and the USA. She is an adviser to the World Health Organization and serves on a number of international research groups. She is currently Reproductive Health and Childbirth Specialty Lead for CRN Wessex and a mentor in the UK’s NIHR Academy. Vanora is passionate about research utilisation and believes that researchers must work closely with colleagues in both practice and education to ensure that research is relevant and that it is utilised.